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Look Fabulously bronzed in seconds with a Sunless Spray Tan!

Customizable options to get your perfect color. Develops in 8 hours and lasts 5-7 days!


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Hydro-Derma Fusion

The Hydration Station is an infrared Sauna pod that combines vitamin infused steam to hydrate and moisturize your skin while burning calories and detoxifying.

300x300 Hydro

Red Light Therapy

Look younger, healthier and more refreshed without the pain of injections or recovery time of a chemical peel with our red light therapy options ~ for a Radiant Glow that starts from within!




Experience total relaxation and melt away stress with one of our massage services!


Slim Capsule Pod

The Slim Capsule is a sauna pod that dramatically heats up the body’s temperature resulting in: increased circulation, increased heart rate, sweating, burning calories and a reduction in cellulite.


Infrared Sauna

There’s no better way to promote healing and wellness than with our Saunatox!


Tanning (Sunshine!)

If you are looking to achieve a deep, natural-looking tan, Planet Beach Automated Spa’s UV Tanning services can get you there with minimal time and effort.