Enjoy Your Sunshine at Planet Beach!

If you are looking to achieve a deep, natural-looking tan, Planet Beach Automated Spa’s UV Tanning services can get you there with minimal time and effort.

With several levels of Sun-beds, you can reap the many psychological and physiological benefits UV light provides, all while building an incredible looking tan and getting a natural dose of Vitamin D!

Benefits of UV Therapy Include:

  • Casual self-treatment of cosmetic skin conditions
  • Increased production of the brain’s mood-lifting chemical, serotonin
  • Promotes increased self-confidence and well being
  • Increased melanin pigment production -for that golden tan
  • Vitamin D production

Lay-Down Sun-beds

Our Lay down Beds are large and spacious, with a 12 minute maximum exposure time, you will get the better results in a fraction of the time compared to a basic 20 minute lay down bed. Featuring facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and side tanners, you’re sure to get that perfect glow in no time!


Stand Up Sun-beds

If you prefer to tan standing up – we have that too! Our stand up beds are quick and easy with a 9 or 10 minute maximum exposure time and lamps 360 degrees around so you won’t miss a single spot.